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The Sleepy Hollow Adventure premieres in Boone, NC

Something spooky is coming to the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum at Horn

in the West Outdoor Drama as Sigmon Theatrical proudly presents “The Sleepy Hollow Adventure” on October 13-15 and 20-22.

The Sleepy Hollow Adventure is an immersive theatre experience opening this October in Boone, NC

“It’s the perfect combination of an immersive theatre experience and a haunted trail," says Creative Director Caleb Sigmon, "but what I love most is that it makes the audience the star of the show. Guests have the opportunity to really interact and impact which direction the story goes. That’s a huge aspect of the work our company creates; that you aren’t just watching a show but are fully surrounded by it. They’ll find themselves right in Sleepy Hollow. Each group that enters the event will have a slightly different experience because of their input and how they choose to steer the story.”

Guests take center stage in the immersive adventure created by Sigmon Theatrical

Inspired by Washington Irving’s classic 1820 novella, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” guests

will journey into a quiet little village where the local townsfolk have been terrorized by

something wicked that lurks just beyond the edge of the woods.

This is an immersive theatre performance that involves visits into multiple cabins and a spooky trail through the mountainside. It designed to be fun, mysterious, and at times, scary. The performance repeats throughout the evening from 7:00pm - 10:30pm. Guests may arrive

anytime for admission into the event.

On the partnership with Horn in the West, Sigmon says, “We’re honored to partner with Horn in the West to develop a new annual tradition for the High Country. Boone holds a special place in my heart, and I am so excited to create this experience that guests can attend year after year.”

It's part play, part haunted trail, part living history, all spooky! To learn more or to purchase


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