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Immersive Theatre meets Baseball

Sigmon Theatrical proudly announces partnership with Momentous Sports and Entertainment as forces combine to create an immersive theatrical experience for fans during the 2022 baseball season at FUSE Stadium.

"We are developing a new brand of immersive performance," says Creative Director Caleb Sigmon. "It's something that hasn't been seen in American baseball. We are transforming the entire stadium into a playground of interactive theatre."

With a plot that centers around their mascot, Bam, a saga unfolds with a host of supporting characters (portrayed by a cast of professional actors) that will span over 66 performances during their home game season. Sigmon Theatrical has assembled a team of writers, interactive actors, and internationally-acclaimed professional mascot performers to guarantee a "home run" show.

Sigmon says, "Our plan is to use every inch of the property. As soon as folks hit the front gate, they'll be immersed in story. The fans will play a leading role in our show."

The live entertainment team is currently in rehearsals for opening weekend, with the first home game scheduled for April 21st. Tickets can be purchased here:


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