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Debut of Immersive Easter Production in North Carolina

Our team was honored to be invited to partner on the development of an immersive Easter experience for Anthony Grove Baptist Church.

"As with everything we do, we wanted to craft an experience that the audience doesn't just watch; they are inside of it," says Caleb Sigmon, Creative Director with Sigmon Theatrical. "This impacts how we approach every detail. Lighting, staging, scenery, you name it."

We were able to integrate live animals into the full production. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one of our first rehearsals with a donkey. The first layer is simply walking the animal through the space, then slowly layering in production elements (lighting, sound, other performers) until we are operating in full performance conditions. It takes time!

The blending of drama into the worship experience took weeks of rehearsal and lots of trial and error. The end result was extremely powerful!

Our team had the unique opportunity to craft some scenery for the production, including this customized tomb. Fun fact: it's all carved out of styrofoam!

It was such a blessing to be a part of this project. Response from guests was fantastic and we are excited to grow the experience for 2024.

Sigmon Theatrical is a production company based out of Charlotte, NC that specializes in creating immersive experiences, bold events, theatrical productions and interactive moments.


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