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"Our community was awestruck with their performance.  Magical in its presentation and interactive in its performance, Caleb and his team delighted our library patrons both young and old. We left with smiles, and never before have our patrons expressed so many rave reviews about a program.  It will be our attempt to make this an annual program at our library."

- Judith Winecoff, Watauga County Public Library


Dr. Seuss'

The Cat in the Hat

A madcap adventure unfolds for a boy and his sister when The Cat in the Hat comes inside to liven up a rainy day. This production features circus tricks and lots of audience participation!

Fable Thumbnail.jpg

The Fabulous

Fable Forest

Members from the audience perform alongside actors and puppets to bring classic fables like "Tortoise and the Hare", "Lion and the Mouse", and "The Boy who Cried Wolf" to life!

Fun Factory

Gears turn, games unfold, and toilet paper goes flying through the air in this interactive show that reminds us how much stronger we are when we all work together!

Blackbeard on Stage

Pirate Adventure

When an explorer accidentally awakens Blackbeard’s ghost, a swashbuckling treasure hunt ensues that will keep you on the edge of your seat, laughing, singing, and screaming all the way! 

Mr. Chicken's Barnyard Revue.jpg

Mr. Chicken's

Barnyard Revue

This musical comedy adventure is full of puppetry, magic tricks, stories, and hysterical antics guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and inspire your imagination! 


He's mean!  He's green!  He's coming to steal Christmas!  Everyone's favorite grouch comes by for a visit in this musical romp including laugh out loud comedy and silliness.

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