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bold events. immersive theatre. unforgettable experiences.


Stories Come Alive.

Touring productions.  Immersive events.  Top-notch entertainment.

Through our unique, interactive, immersive storytelling, we create memorable experiences that audiences will cherish for a lifetime.  We guarantee it.

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A Note from the Director

We are passionate about bringing quality theatrical performances to live audiences. Whether you are seated in an auditorium, watching wonder twinkle in the eyes of thousands, celebrating alongside our interactive characters at a festival or event, or traveling through one of our immersive attractions like The Enchanted Forest or The Sleepy Hollow Adventure, we pull out all the stops to create an engaging, interactive, and unforgettable experience that your guests will talk about for years. 

Latest News

Dragon Quest by Sigmon Theatrical.png

An all-new immersive spectacle roars across the United States in 2024 with DRAGON QUEST!


Making Christmas Magic across the Carolinas - igniting wonder and imagination!

Novant Thanksgiving Eve Parade

Sigmon Theatrical produces opening number for Charlotte's Thanksgiving Eve Parade

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