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You’ll be busting at the seams with this musical comedy adventure full of puppetry, magic tricks, stories, and hysterical antics that will keep the entire family laughing, smiling, and singing along.


​Join Mr. Chicken and his wild collection of hilarious animals, including Russell the Crow, Elrod the Chicken, Milk Dud the Cow, and many other animal friends as they embark (and cluck) on a barnyard adventure for the entire family!

If you grabbed a blender from Maw’s kitchen and threw in Hee-Haw, Green Acres, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and The Carol Burnette Show, this is what you’d get!


Full Summer Series.png

But wait... there's more! Your school or library can book an entire series of Mr. Chicken's shows, where we've taken a film crew to some amazing locations!

Week One: Mr. Chicken’s Barnyard Revue
Week Two: Mr. Chicken Goes to the Zoo
Week Three: Mr. Chicken Goes to Circus
Week Four: Mr. Chicken Goes to the Wild West
Week Five: Mr. Chicken Goes to the Aquarium
Week Six: Mr. Chicken Goes Camping

We're offering this series of six episodes at our lowest pricing ever, and hope to spread lots of joy (and chicken litter) this summer!

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