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The Great Magician - All-New 2024 Murder Mystery

It’s time for a little hocus pocus as your detective skills become the star of the show in THE GREAT MAGICIAN, an all-new murder mystery dinner theatre production! Featuring a phenomenal cast of professional actors and produced by Sigmon Theatrical (creators of immersive experiences The Wonderland Experience and The Sleepy Hollow Adventure), you’ll be whisked away to a world of illusion as a world-class magician stumbles into the middle of a chilling crime.

Murder is on the menu and the killer is on the loose. Go behind-the-scenes and help solve the crime. The action will unfold all around you, with some guests even finding themselves becoming important characters inside of the story. Only one question remains... will you be the one to solve the murder, or will the truth remain hidden behind the smoke and mirrors?

This is not your usual Murder Mystery experience - It's a high-class evening of theatre and mystery that will have you laughing one minute and gasping the next!


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