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Christmas at the Grove

Journey back to Bethlehem in this all-new and immersive presentation for the entire family. Sigmon Theatrical is proud to return to Anthony Grove to partner on Christmas at the Grove, featuring a company of live musicians, amazing vocalists, actors, dancers, and puppeteers.

With a soul-stirring and cinematic score by Tommee Profitt and other artists, the epic soundtrack elevates the entire experience, each note resonating with the majesty and wonder of the season.

Witness the Christmas story come to life as Sigmon Theatrical, known for their expertise in creating immersive and captivating theatrical experiences, presents a cast of actors that breathe life into each character. The team also excitedly debuts a cast of larger-than-life puppets, created by partners at Paperhand Puppet Intervention.

Christmas at the Grove is an experience designed for all to see, hear, and experience the birth of a King. Don't miss this opportunity to begin a new family tradition with those you love. Christmas at the Grove is guaranteed to usher in the holiday season in a truly spectacular way.

Get ready to embark on a journey of joy, wonder, and the majesty of Christmas!

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