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Updated: May 23, 2023

Enter a land of wonder! Visit a magical fairy hollow, interact with enchanted creatures, see mushrooms that grow more than 12-feet-tall, hold court with King Toad, and make a wish with the talking Fairytale Tree. Just as magic and wonder await you around every bend, so do danger and uncertainty. Be warned; whatever you do, don't wake the sleeping giant!

This new, immersive world features a cast of live actors, larger-than-life breathtaking puppets, stilt performers, and scenic eye candy that will be the hit of guests' Instagram feed.

"It's a combination of so many things that we love," says Caleb Sigmon, Creative Director with Sigmon Theatrical. "The combination of the incredible costuming, giant puppets, and atmospheric storytelling is definitely a recipe for strong immersion. That's what we love doing; putting the audience inside of the story."

The new experience will tour to downtown parks, resorts, festivals, botanical gardens, and beyond in Sigmon Theatrical's 2023/2024 Season.


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